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November 29, 2021
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  • Sue A. Haglind Discusses The Importance Of Private Duty Caregivers In The Wake Of COVID-19

Sue A. Haglind Discusses The Importance Of Private Duty Caregivers In The Wake Of COVID-19

Sue A. Haglind Discusses The Importance Of Private Duty Caregivers In The Wake Of COVID-19

Sue A. Haglind, believes the healthcare industry that change is coming to the private caregiver profession in the aftermath of COVID-19.

As a personal private duty caregiver, Sue A. Haglind is very familiar with the necessity of her occupation. By providing elderly patients, disabled persons, and other at-risk populations with non-medical care, the role of the private duty caregiver is to enable clients of all demographics to remain at home with minimal care or disruption to their daily ways of life. The process is vital for hospitals, nursing homes, and other healthcare facilities. Sue Haglind notes that private duty caregivers support an important sense of freedom in many aging populations, and maximize a client’s quality of life.

Due to the rapid rise of COVID-19 and the deadly effects of coronavirus on at-risk senior citizens, Sue A Haglind believes that private duty caregivers will act as a part of a solution to the global healthcare shortage.

Sue Haglind Evaluates The Effect Of COVID-19 On Private Duty Caregivers

The demand for private duty personal care assistants and their non-medical services has been rapidly increasing since early 2016. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the overall employment demand for workers in this unique field is projected to grow almost 40 percent within the next six years. This is a higher growth rate than many other occupations to date. As the global population age continues to rise, Sue A. Haglind believes that employment numbers will continue to grow in an unprecedented fashion.

The health crisis of COVID-19 has kept many at-risk persons and aging patients locked indoors, and unable to access the usual help they once relied on. Without hospitals, regular doctor visits, and non-medical assistance around the home, Sue Haglind warns that older populations may suffer far more than younger generations.

How Sue A. Haglind Sees Hope For Seniors Through Private Duty Caregivers

In the aftermath of the novel virus COVID-19, there are many seniors who will face loneliness, illness, and other non-medical struggles.

This is why Sue A. Haglind believes the cure for an overrun and overstretched healthcare system will rely on the work of private duty caregivers. Providing homemaking assistance, cooking services, sanitation efforts, and general human companionship, Sue Haglind champions the tireless work of the private duty caregiver as a part of emergency disaster relief in an uncertain time. Allowing the elderly to remain at home and in a safe, familiar place will be a first step towards regaining normalcy in the lives of thousands of seniors all over the country.

Sue Haglind is confident that the efforts of caring private duty caregivers will address the lingering effects of COVID-19 on our most vulnerable senior citizens and beyond.

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