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  • Stephen Odzer Discusses How Israel Used Technology to Combat COVID-19 and Why It Worked

Stephen Odzer Discusses How Israel Used Technology to Combat COVID-19 and Why It Worked

Stephen Odzer Discusses How Israel Used Technology to Combat COVID-19 and Why It Worked

Stephen Odzer discusses how Israel used technology to combat the Coronavirus pandemic and why it worked.

The COVID-19 has been sweeping the world for roughly six months now. Some countries are being praised for their abilities to combat the pandemic while others are being ridiculed for not taking action quickly enough. Israel is one of the countries receiving recognition around the globe, and Stephen Odzer explains that it’s due in part to the country’s unrivaled technological advancements.

“Israel has always been a country known for its state-of-the-art technology,” Stephen Odzer said. “Many of these technological advancements have been in the medical field, and Israel’s reaction to the virus shows just how much this country has to offer the world.”

Stephen Odzer explained that Israel has been praised for immediately shutting down the country and squashing the Coronavirus pandemic quickly. Stephen Odzer stated that the country used technology to track every individual case of the illness and prevent it from spreading. He described that once officials knew about a case of the virus, they would use technology from phone companies to locate the exact place and time the virus was there. Stephen Odzer added that they could identify every other person that was around.

“This is what tracking tools like this were made for,” Stephen Odzer said. “In Israel, they were used to save the lives of countless citizens, save businesses from bankruptcy, and get kids back to school.”

In Israel, have already returned to schools, public spaces are open again, and shopping malls are welcoming customers. Stephen Odzer described that though the tracking may have sacrificed the privacy of few for a limited amount of time, the entire nation was able to return to normal life long before it has even been a thought for other countries.

“These are tools Israel developed for counter-terrorism efforts,” Stephen Odzer said. “They were effectively put to use to conquer a pandemic. Now, we can use what we’ve learned from these technologies to advance them even further. We always plan to be prepared for whatever comes next.”

Stephen Odzer added that Israel’s technology continues to place it ahead of the remainder of the word, and that has become evident through this pandemic. Additionally, Stephen Odzer stated that the country is remarkably close to using antibodies to combat the virus for its people and other nations around the globe.

“We hope the entire world will look at Israel as a technology leader and give the country the respect it deserves,” Stephen Odzer said. “This is one positive we hope can be taken away from the devastation of the Coronavirus pandemic.

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