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Sportsman James McEnerney of Kansas City Makes Good Business

Sportsman James McEnerney of Kansas City Makes Good Business

The fact that James McEnerney of Kansas City is a sports enthusiast is good news for your business. Fear is the enemy of your financial planner. James McEnerney prides himself on providing sound, yet vigorous financial advice for his clientele. As the Director of Marketing at the McEnerney Group, he has had an extensive career in financial planning. This background coupled with his sportsmanlike attitude makes him an awe-inspiring force.

James McEnerney of Kansas City has not let the current COVID-19 outbreak slow down his business practice. In fact, James McEnerney continues to craft newsletters for his clientele. He brings a punch of laughter along with the stock market news. A recent newsletter entitled “Opportunity is Ugly” is a fresh look at current trends. He encourages his clients to move bullishly through this period of time. Financially, opportunity is present with the stock market. Unfortunately, it is due to how the COVID-19 outbreak is challenging the world’s financial markets.

James McEnerney of Kansas City feels that “No risk – really does mean no reward”. As part of his newsletter, he includes a Fear and Greed index. The information is current and keeps investors apprised of the latest updates. This makes his clients feel comfortable trusting his financial acumen, as well as gaining a keen understanding of what’s going on in the market. There may be a risk, however, his clients will know as much as possible about a pending reward.

James McEnerney of Kansas City provides a refreshing distraction. The headlines have been fraught with more bad news. In these times of constant uncertainty and a never-ending nightmare – health-wise, financial planning is an alternative theme. Both newcomers and more experienced investors alike can glean much information from the graphics and information found in the newsletters.

James McEnerney of Kansas City reinforces the idea that we have the opportunity to learn and take advantage of the financial prospects in front of us. A recent newsletter includes: “We can choose to participate in the ongoing mess which keeps (or takes) too many off the proper pathway – and be assured that hype will only increase as the numbers get larger…… Or, we can choose to focus on our pathway, our own index so to speak “.

This bullish approach is synonymous with James McEnerney. A triathlete as well as a marathon runner, James McEnerney is a true Renaissance man. Waiting for something to happen is just not the way of James McEnerney. In these financially unstable times, if you are able, James McEnerney of Kansas City recommends that you seek sound advice and not be afraid to invest. Many will find financial success during this time in our history as well.

With an eye on NYSE, the DOW, the S & P 500, and the NAS, James McEnerney of Kansas City has the information that is key.

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