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Shaun Sabia: A Passion For Volunteerism

Shaun Sabia: A Passion For Volunteerism
Shaun Sabia: A Passion For Volunteerism

Volunteerism might be a choice but caring for your fellow man is a responsibility. This is a world view that Shaun Michael Sabia has taken seriously ever since he was a young child, working to help those that were devastated by 2005’s hurricane Katrina. “I think it was one of those pivotal moments in my life where I realized the effect volunteerism could have on the well-being of others.” Shaun Michael Sabia notes. “I had never truly realized it more than the smile that I saw on faces as I delivered cans of food to the homeless shelter that was occupied by several that had lost their homes.” It is experiences like this as well as his mission trip to Haiti that has shaped the person that Shaun Michael Sabia is today. “Those two events were probably the biggest things that molded who I am and the way I think today.” Shaun Michael Sabia adds.

It should be noted that when Cornoavirus hit, Shaun Michael Sabia’s mind did not go to his own well-being but the well-being of others. “I saw a kid on the local news channel handing out free rolls of toilet paper to others and I thought to myself, that is the kind of work that I should be doing.” Shaun Micahel Sabia explains. “After teaming up with him, I realized that teamwork would be one of the key ingredients in helping people get through this whole situation.”

For most people, the time for quarantine is a way to stay home and “flatten the curve”. But some people aren’t designed to just stay at home and not help out. Not Shaun Micahel Sabia.

“They wanted me to stay home but I said to myself, ‘I can probably do a lot more good by actually getting out there and helping other essential workers on the road.” As a result, he and his friend “toilet-paper-Mike” began their own free delivery service operation that consisted of them riding their red Chevy pick-up truck through neighborhoods and throwing out toilet paper to houses “newspaper-boy-style”. “It’s the only way we can make sure that our community is getting their needs serviced in a way that is safe and friendly.” Shaun Sabia notes.

As a big eighties fan, Shaun Micahel Sabia jumped at the chance to help out his community in this way. “When Toilet paper [Mike] came to me about the idea, I practically jumped at the chance. I felt that staying at home, I wasn’t doing anything but I could make a real difference if I truly got out there and started helping families out directly by helping them all out with their toilet paper needs.” Shaun Michael Sabia added.

As for continuing on the service when the pandemic situation ends, Shaun Michael Sabia says that he’ll need to revisit his other obligations first. “I do like to take opportunities when they come by me so if there is something big going on with the toilet-paper-delivery industry, I’m definitely going to keep my eyes open to that.

Sometimes, when one door closes, another opens. In Shaun Michael Sabia’s case, it happened to be a bathroom door. And at the moment, the door is wide open.

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