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Phaze Concrete

Phaze Concrete Steps Up When Needed Most

Phaze Concrete Steps Up When Needed Most

Phaze Concrete, a company founded back in 2003 by a group of industrious men, began its humble beginnings in Nevada and Utah. The company started with small projects, including remodeling residential properties and pouring new driveways. From the very early days of Phaze Concrete, it was clear to see that these men worked well together, always using hard work, determination, and cooperation to show up when needed most. Throughout the years, they went from working on residential properties to tackling larger projects. More specifically, the crew started taking on commercial projects. It has been their dedication to moving up in the construction industry that has helped Phaze Concrete become a company that is always there when needed most.

During difficult times, construction work is always needed, and perhaps this is a great reason why Phaze Concrete partnered with the Department of Apprenticeship. In doing so, they have helped people just like you learn how to be a diligent worker in the construction industry. The Department of Apprenticeship has over 37,000 different programs, with one of those being fully supported by Phaze Concrete. Since supporting the program, there have been 26 different people who have undergone cement mason apprenticeships. Very important to note is that none of these were delivered as some type of union organization benefit. Instead, the programs are accessible to anyone.

It is very good for our country to have workers like those who work for Phaze Concrete. In times when our country needs to come together, Phaze Concrete is setting an excellent example of just how much teamwork and preparation pay off. As with the apprenticeship programs, students see how well their hard work turns into plentiful benefits later down the road. Even the President of the United States has “expressed a commitment to increasing infrastructure and business in this country, which means that demand for construction will start to increase as well.” Are you ready to help? Are you ready when needed most? Phaze Concrete is and even during hard times, the company is willing to step up and over any obstacles in the way.

There is much to learn from Phaze Concrete. Just taking a look at the company’s humble beginnings and how it has grown and flourished throughout the years provides a great testimony to anyone thinking about entering the construction industry. More so, the company provides a great testimony of how to be present when needed most.

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