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  • Moving To Takeout And Delivery Only? Experts At POS Giant Harbortouch Weigh In

Moving To Takeout And Delivery Only? Experts At POS Giant Harbortouch Weigh In

Moving To Takeout And Delivery Only? Experts At POS Giant Harbortouch Weigh In

COVID-19 Changing Your Business Model? Check Out These Tips From Harbortouch

As your business moves from serving customers in-person to takeout and delivery services to accommodate COVID-19 regulations, Harbortouch has some tips to help you make an easy transition. Harbortouch POS systems are the perfect solution to all your takeout and delivery needs. 

Experts at Harbortouch recommend offering contactless delivery to your customers. It’s a good idea to have a contactless delivery option on both your website and your mobile app. This allows customers to pay in advance, minimizing the risk of contact between your delivery driver and your customer. 

Harbortouch also recommends contactless pickup. Paying in advance via the Harbortouch POS system limits the need for direct physical contact between customers and employees. Customers can walk in and pick up their order, without having to physically interact with the staff. Having a designated pick up area makes it easy for customers to retrieve their order without confusion. 

Harbortouch also recommends reassuring customers about your food safety routines. Letting customers know that you sick employees home immediately and are limiting store hours to allow for deep sanitization of surfaces can go a long way in helping them feel comfortable as they continue to patronize your restaurant. If possible for your location,  it’s a good idea to let customers know your business’ work-from-home policy and how it applies to employees as they coordinate delivery orders.

According to Harbortouch experts, this is a great time to try out new specials on your customers. Many customers are looking to support local restaurants, but aren’t sure where to turn. Offering specials that you wouldn’t normally try is a great way to bring customers into your business. Offering gift card deals for a future in-person restaurant visit (after the crisis has cleared) can be a great way to keep business moving for months to come. 

Overall, Harbortouch recommends simply keeping in regular communication with your customers. These times are difficult for all of us, and customers want to know how they can support your business. Increasing the number of times that you reach out (through email or text) can be a great way to ensure that you pop up in your customer’s mind when they’re trying to decide what to order for dinner tonight. 

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