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Media Commentary And Attorney Kelly Hyman Is A Panelist On Court TV

Media Commentary And Attorney Kelly Hyman Is A Panelist On Court TV

Well-rounded Attorney Kelly Hyman has been staying busy. While the country grapples with issues concerning the COVID-19 outbreak, Kelly Hyman, a television commentary and attorney based in Florida has been using her time wisely. Lending her opinion as part of the “Think Tank” on Court TV recently, attorney Kelly Hyman helps viewers understand the legal ramifications of trending situations.

On a Recent Court TV Appearance, Attorney Kelly Hyman Gave Her Opinion

Over 20 years ago, college freshman Kristin Smart disappeared near her California Polytechnic State University campus. Due to a recent popular podcast, the cold case has been revived. The Court TV panel is comprised of attorney Kelly Hyman, along with two other attorneys who offered their reflections on why the case has been re-invigorated. Attorney Kelly Hyman states that the law enforcement officials involved in searching a suspect’s home may be looking for computer evidence.

Attorney Kelly Hyman Opines On Defiant Pastor

Some clergy people are deciding to hold services despite the stay-at-home orders issued by the local governments. Attorney Kelly Hyman discussed with the “Think Tank” and the Court TV host whether or not the pastor’s defiance of the “no gathering” rule was constitutional. Weighing in on these quarantine protests are important in this uncertain time. Many citizens are unsure if they must comply with their local and federal governments’ quarantine and stay-at-home mandates. Having Kelly Hyman offer her opinion is reassuring.

Attorney Kelly Hyman Discusses The Pandemic

Legal Analyst, Kelly Hyman has a lot to say about quarantine protests because they are happening all across the country and, as a matter of fact all over the world. A pandemic of this size has not occurred in over 100 years. Resultantly, many are opposed to blindly following the mandates of elected leadership. However, Kelly Hyman asserts that keeping everyone safe is of paramount importance. This is an interesting intersection of the law and an individual’s rights.

Attorney Kelly Hyman Talks About Another Coronavirus Protests

In an unrelated protest, a parent group’s actions were discussed on Court TV. A group of parents decided to stage a play date at a local park in defiance of a stay-at-home order. Attorney Kelly Hyman offered that the parents could have come up with a different way of expressing their frustration with the stay-at-home orders. Moreover, Kelly Hyman stated that being arrested in front of their children was not the best way to show how to get things done.

Kelly Hyman Doesn’t Rest On Her Laurels

Being active in the legal community is nothing new for attorney Kelly Hyman. She is admitted to the Colorado, D.C., New York, and Florida State bar. A well-rounded social advocate, Kelly Hyman has appeared on numerous television shows.

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