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  • Landscaper Martin Ivach Offers His Top Tips for Preparing Your Yard for Summer

Landscaper Martin Ivach Offers His Top Tips for Preparing Your Yard for Summer

Landscaper Martin Ivach Offers His Top Tips for Preparing Your Yard for Summer

Long-time landscaper Martin Ivach offers his top tips for preparing your yard for the upcoming summer season.

OAKVILLE, ONTARIO, CANADA / June 4, 2020 / Spring is fully underway and summer is rapidly approaching. That means it’s time for homeowners to prepare their lawns for the sunny summer season. Long-time landscaper Martin Ivachexplained that the process of creating a healthy and beautiful summer lawn begins in spring, and he recently offered his tips to homeowners around the globe.

“Starting your lawn care process at the beginning of summer means you’re already too late,” Martin Ivach said. “I always suggest preparing your lawn care tools in early spring and doing a serious cleanup as soon as possible.”

Martin Ivach suggested cleaning up all the acorns, stones, twigs, and other debris scattered throughout your yard as soon as possible in early spring. He added that it’s important to wait until the ground is dry before cleaning the lawn, as stepping on a soggy lawn can destroy your newly growing spring grass. Martin Ivach also recommended applying a pre-emergent herbicide to control weeds and feed your lawn early in the spring season.

“Your pre-emergent herbicide will serve its purpose for roughly three months, so save any leftovers for later in the season as well,” Martin Ivach said. “All grasses, whether in a cooler or warmer climate, can benefit from the application of this herbicide.”

Martin Ivach also expressed that fertilizer should be applied in the spring. He explained that a slow-release fertilizer allows you to apply the fertilizer less often, roughly every eight weeks.

“Many areas of the country offer different climates and different types of grass,” Martin Ivach added. “It’s important to consult a landscape expert in your area for a recommendation on which fertilizer is best for your region.”

Finally, Martin Ivach explained that it’s time to give your lawn the first mow of the year. This usually takes place amount mid- to late-spring, and can even take place later if you’re in an extremely cool area. Landscaping experts like Martin Ivach explain that this is why preparing your tools is so important. You want them to be ready to go when the need for that first mow hits.

Martin Ivach suggests giving your lawn a short trim for the first mow of the season. This means setting your mowing to the highest setting, so the grass remains roughly 4-inches tall. He explained that cutting your grass fully during the first mow can lead to less growth throughout the season and a less vibrantly green lawn.

“If you haven’t started yet, now is the time to start preparing your tools, and depending where you live, start preparing your lawn for summer,” Martin Ivach finished. “This could be the year your lawn is the best in the neighborhood.”

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