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Jeff Hawks Explores How Farmers Can Save Money with Tech Tools

Jeff Hawks Explores How Farmers Can Save Money with Tech Tools

Embracing Robotics Can Be a Cost Savings to Farmers, Jeff Hawks Explains

Farmers endure a number of costs throughout the year. Additionally, their revenues may not be what they want them to be due to issues with their crops. While it’s easy to let costs get out of control, Jeff Hawks, a mechanical engineer, offers solutions using innovative technology.

Jeff Hawks of Nebraska, a graduate from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, has a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering. He has focused heavily on robotic technology, particularly to assist agriculture and farming sectors.

Robotic technology can be used as a way to not only provide additional labor on the farm but also to provide more data, Jeff Hawks explains. More technology is becoming available, making it possible to produce more agriculture in a safe way.

Different types of robots can provide different benefits to farmers. Jeff Hawks of Nebraska has worked heavily with wheeled robotic systems that are designed to be used in farming applications. The robots can do the walking so that farmers don’t. They’re capable of spraying crops with fertilizer, water, and more. Additionally, sensors can be added in order to gather information.

Jeff Hawks Explores How Farmers Can Save Money with Tech Tools

The robots are capable of reaching areas that farmers cannot. It’s not uncommon for a farm to cover hundreds of acres. It makes it impossible for a single person to walk the entire location, especially not in a single day, Jeff Hawks explains. However, robots can provide the coverage.

Jeff Hawks of Nebraska explains that robots can be used to gather a significant amount of intelligence. They can take photos and collect samples of air and soil quality. It makes it easier for a farmer to know when there are problems with the crops, identify why crops aren’t growing, and address other issues.

In the past, farmers have had to deal with a trial and error system of what does and does not work. They may also spend thousands of dollars to have professionals analyze their farmland. Thousands of dollars spent a month can add up – and it’s not necessary once farmers have the right robotics to provide them with the analysis that they need, Jeff Hawks of Nebraska explains.

Many farmers can increase their crop production following the investment in robotic technology. It ensures they get the added labor assistance that can work day and night. Additionally, they get the data and insight that they need to make decisions about how to improve the soil and the other elements that lead to better crop production.

Dr. Jeff Hawks of Nebraska grew up on farms in Nebraska. He understands the challenges that farmers face. He knows that farmers are often short-handed when it comes to labor. It’s one of the reasons why Jeff Hawks has gotten into the area of robotics that he has – to provide a better solution to farmers who want to save money and boost their crop production.

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