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I Fund Philly Launch New IFP Website

I Fund Philly Launch New IFP Website

Bryan Ziegenfuse & I Fund Philly Launch New iFP Website in 2019 Streamlining The Real Estate Lending Process

Bryan Ziegenfuse | Newly launched I Fund Philly (iFP) website makes it easy to apply for customized real estate loans online in just a few steps.


I Fund Philly Launch New IFP WebsiteShortly after the arrival of new managing partner, Bryan Ziegenfuse, I Fund Philly (iFP) has launched a brand new, easy-to-use website to streamline the real estate lending process for the Philadelphia real estate community. The team at I Fund Philly takes a simplified approach to address customers’ challenges, as opposed to the complex and cumbersome approach of traditional lenders. One of the major challenges for members of the real estate community has historically been a lack of insight and timely communication into the status of potential funding. This lack of insight is not only frustrating but can delay the preparation and completion of projects resulting in significant and unnecessary costs. To address these needs, the iFP approach is rooted in total transparency between customers and investors throughout the lending process.


In an effort to bring the real estate lending process into the modern age and accelerate the successful connection of available capital with developers and investors, iFP has enabled customers to upload, process, and view all of the necessary documents online, directly through their website effectively avoiding common lengthy and outdated processes. Simplification is a fundamental aspect to customer experience for I Fund Philly and is a factor that has brought enormous value to the real estate community and has differentiated them from the status quo and other competitors.


I Fund Philly and Bryan Ziegenfuse

Facilitating three specific types of loans in the real estate community through their website – bridge loans, construction loans, and rental loans. Bridge loans consist of short-term financing to help customers remarket, reposition, or refinance projects. The construction loans are intended for customers looking for financial support of projects that require upgrades, rehab, and renovations. Finally, members of the community looking to build a rental portfolio can apply for loans to grow the number of properties generating income.


I Fund Philly (iFP) brings additional value to the real estate lending process by offering customers special programs for specific situations. One of their most prominent programs is the Developer Construction Program, also known as the “Fix and Flip.” This program provides property owners with two sources of capital. The first source of capital assists customers to acquire the property. The second source of capital is intended to repair the property. Usually, the intent of the property owner is to sell the property once repairs and rehabilitation have been completed.


Another valuable program offered by I Fund Philly is the Stabilization Program or the “Traditional Bridge Loan.” This program provides property owners with capital to acquire property for a short-term period. Usually, the intent of the property owner is to either refinance this loan into a long-term loan or quickly reposition the property for sale.

To learn more about the loans offered by I Fund Philly (iFP), Bryan Ziegenfuse and the iFP management team you can visit http://www.ifundphilly.com/.

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