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  • Harbortouch: Marketing Methods Helps Companies Stay Solvent During the Pandemic

Harbortouch: Marketing Methods Helps Companies Stay Solvent During the Pandemic

Harbortouch: Marketing Methods Helps Companies Stay Solvent During the Pandemic

As the coronavirus spreads and businesses suffer significant losses during statewide shutdowns, it may feel hard for some companies to justify their marketing. However, Harbortouch believes that now is the time to focus the heaviest on marketing. Their techniques could help a company stay afloat during this crisis and walk them back from the brink of potential bankruptcy.

Marketing Methods Suggested by Harbortouch

Harbortouch is a POS system firm with years of experience providing a myriad of different marketing options to their customers. Harbortouch’s marketing professionals recently outlined a multitude of techniques and tips that companies can use to market to their customers during this trying period. The first suggestion is to use social media to connect directly with customers affected by the pandemic.

For example, sharing inspiring messages on Facebook, doing giveaways via Twitter, or sharing positive memes on Instagram all help to make a company appear caring and hopeful. Harbortouch believes that these positive messages are what people affected by this crisis need the most. By creating a positive atmosphere, a company is said to be more likely to stay in the mind of its customers long after the crisis is over.

Harbortouch also suggests pulling back from physical advertising, such as billboards and radio marketing. Instead, focus heavily on creating digital content. The internet is being stretched to its limits with more people using it daily while stuck at home. As a result, Harbortouch suggests amping up digital marketing during this period, including enhancing your SEO processes and your content creation.

In particular, they believe that connecting your company to the current crisis is a powerful way of standing out and making connections. For example, Harbortouch suggests creating a “What We’re Doing to Help” page that highlights every step a business is taking to handle the pandemic. They also recommend posting tips and techniques for getting through this together.

Generic messages, such as washing hands and staying distant, are okay to share. However, Harbortouch suggests creating more specific suggestions, such as creating a system for tracking your goods and providing customers with an up-to-date measure of how many items you have available. Such steps help to reassure your customers and make it easier for them to get what they need from you.

Lastly, Harbortouch suggests paying attention to your page count numbers and upgrading your content as needed. Getting rid of old and ineffective pages will enhance your SEO presence and make it easier for your customers to find you online. Also, make sure that you keep a consistently positive tone, but be honest with your customers. Harbortouch believes that honesty is critical during this challenging time and that your goal, as a business, should be not only to calm your customers but to give them a stronger sense of stability. 

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