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October 21, 2020
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  • Gabriel Gaby Btesh Celebrates Reopening of Construction Sector in Panama

Gabriel Gaby Btesh Celebrates Reopening of Construction Sector in Panama

Gabriel Gaby Btesh Celebrates Reopening of Construction Sector in Panama

Construction company owner Gabriel Gaby Btesh marks the industry’s reopening in the Republic of Panama.

Following months of uncertainty after unprecedented global market conditions stemming from the ongoing international health crisis, plans are finally afoot to kick-start once again the Central and South American Republic of Panama’s ever-growing construction industry as restrictions start to be lifted. A popular construction company owner based in Panama City, Gabriel Gaby Btesh responds to the latest news surrounding the reopening of the sector at the core of his business.

“After months of difficulty stemming from the continued global health crisis, we’ve now had news that the authorities wish to reopen various aspects of the construction industry and other sectors here in Panama, and that’s something to celebrate,” says Gabriel Gaby Btesh, speaking from his office in the Panamanian capital of Panama City.

Last month, the authorities in the Central and South American nation announced that some construction sector activities would resume immediately, with others to follow approximately three weeks later on Monday, September 7. “The Ministry of Health announced that work would begin again on around two dozen road infrastructure projects,” reveals Gabriel Gaby Btesh, “with other public and private projects alike given the green light to resume activities a few short weeks later.”

A total of 27 road infrastructure projects across Panama were given the go-ahead to restart in mid-August. Although the reopening of the broader construction sector in Panama is expected to be more gradual, work was approved to restart in early September for the majority of the industry, circumstances permitting, Gabriel Gaby Btesh reports. “How quickly the industry truly reopens will depend on financing, however, among a number of other factors, so it’s still likely to be a gradual process,” suggests the expert.

Construction company bosses have been asked to adapt protocol, such as employing new biosecurity measures, to ensure an effective and safe reopening of the sector, according to Gabriel Gaby Btesh. “The same is true of bosses in other industries set to reopen, and this is, of course, of the utmost importance,” he points out. Such measures, Btesh says, have now been outlined in detail in an updated National-Provincial Reopening Plan.

“After a difficult year so far for many, with the correct protocols in place, the reopening of the construction sector and other industries here in Panama is genuinely something to be celebrated,” adds Gabriel Gaby Btesh, reflecting further on the news, and in closing, “and represents a light at the end of what’s been a dark tunnel for much of 2020 thus far.”

Gabriel Gaby Btesh is a successful construction company owner from Panama City. Enthusiastic about commitments to socially conscious property development and one of the names behind a continued drive for nationwide well-being, Gabriel Gaby Btesh recently marked 30 years of professional focus on wellness, improved standards of living, and architectural integrity in Panama. Outside of his work, in his free time, Btesh is passionate about art and culture and enjoys spending time with his family at their home in the Panamanian capital.

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