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Dr. Frank Roach Shares At-Home Tips for Fighting Off Tooth Discoloration

To help patients keep up bright, healthy smiles between visits to the dentist, Dr. Frank Roach shares a few foolproof tips to fight off tooth discoloration at home. 

In the Atlanta area, patients are hard-pressed to find a more skilled or dedicated dental professional than Dr. Frank Roach. Staying at the cutting edge of technology since opening his practice, he’s always delivered sophisticated procedures that meet patients’ varying needs with total satisfaction. 

Dr. Frank Roach strives to provide everyone who seeks out his services with an equal chance of obtaining a bright and healthy smile that can last for years. In addition to in-office procedures (such as GLO whitening treatments), he shares with readers a few at-home tips for keeping teeth white. 

“We have to keep our enamel clean in order for our teeth to appear bright and free from discoloration,” says Dr. Frank Roach. “This requires staying on top of the foods we eat and the beverages we consume in addition to other rules of thumb.”

First and foremost, Dr. Frank Roach tells all his patients that they need to be wary of dark drinks like coffees, sodas, and teas as they can cause major discoloration with continued use (and many Americans drink these beverages daily). If his patients choose to drink these items, he suggests drinking them through straws so there’s less immediate contact between beverage and teeth. 

“Foods that are high in acid––citrus fruit, processed foods, and the like––also strip away the protective coating on teeth, which can bring about a much more severe level of discoloration,” says Dr. Frank Roach. 

The ingredients hydrogen peroxide and baking soda are common in many toothpastes as they both help to lift stains on the outer layers of teeth. Dr. Frank Roach says if patients don’t use toothpastes with these ingredients already in them, it might be a good idea to start adding them into their brushing or rinsing routines for maximum whitening results. 

While patients can do lasting damage to their teeth by eating harmful foods, they can also approve the appearance of teeth by consuming certain fruits and vegetables. Active ingredients in foods, such as malic acid in strawberries and an enzyme called brome lain in pineapples, for example, can help improve the level of brightness of teeth. 

“Apart from these tips and any other over-the-counter remedies, patients should maintain a healthy brushing schedule of at least twice a day, but preferably after every meal to remove any potential discoloring agents lingering on the surface of teeth,” says Dr. Frank Roach. 

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