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DigitalTown Relaunches with Jeffery Steven Stone

DigitalTown Relaunches with Jeffery Steven Stone

How Jeffery Steven Stone helped pioneer a discoverable online gateway. By providing turnkey technology solutions to local businesses, DigitalTown, Inc. is on a mission to power smart cities.

Buoyed by a recent seven-figure investment secured by capital procurement. Specialist Jeffery Steven Stone, says the company is now poised to drive forward. Its plans to empower towns and cities of all sizes across the U.S. and globally.

Capital procurement specialist Jeffery Steven Stone reflects on million dollar investment secured for Seattle-based smart cities project.
“DigitalTown, Inc. plans to improve the quality of life of residents through the facilitation of locally-owned solutions.

Securing $1,000,000 on behalf of the Seattle-based organization, Stone has high hopes for the project. “DigitalTown, Inc. actively enables local commerce, helping to keep funds within the local economies” he explains.

“Through the creation of discoverable online gateways, users can find the best options in their area. As well as supporting local empowerment, local businesses, and truly bolstering a sense of community,”. A 30 year veteran of Wall Street specializing in investment banking, fund management, and private equity.

“Put simply,” he continues, “DigitalTown, Inc. are powering an entirely new form of the smart city.”

The company currently works with city stakeholders. In order to provide businesses with free online storefronts and a marketplace. Where they’re able to connect with local residents and visitors alike. DigitalTown, Inc. also works alongside governing bodies and conscientious individuals who are acutely aware of the benefits of keeping profits local. The organization’s philosophy centers predominantly around helping local industry to prosper, by keeping funds in the community where they belong.”

DigitalTown Relaunches with Jeffery Steven Stone
Initially founded over a decade ago and relaunched in September 2016. DigitalTown, Inc. today provides innovative web and mobile solutions to overcome what the company calls ‘long-standing municipal challenges’. By creating new revenue streams, new efficiencies, and by advancing the well-being of citizens.

Stone reveals that by integrating the so-called ‘best of breed’ technologies, the organization is helping towns realize their full potential. “Furthermore, they’re making civic pride a call to action, inspiring people to co-create innovative solutions within communities worldwide.”

Jeffery Steven Stone is a Managing Partner at Eurasian Capital, LLC. Based in New York City and responsible for trading the firm’s proprietary capital and corporate finance platform. Further to overseeing the organization’s selection analysis and daily investment affairs. Principal activities entail utilizing a platform of hedging strategies including quantitative driven swing trading, covered call writing, and pair trading activity.

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