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  • Dentist Frank Roach Details How Oral Health is Critical to Senior Care

Dentist Frank Roach Details How Oral Health is Critical to Senior Care

Dentist Frank Roach Details How Oral Health is Critical to Senior Care
Dentist Frank Roach Details How Oral Health is Critical to Senior Care

In an effort to educate readers and encourage healthier lifestyles, Brookhaven Dentist Frank Roach explains the connection between oral care and senior health.

Dentist Frank Roach specializes in modern procedures and state-of-the-art tools and resources to provide a range of dental solutions. Working with patients of all ages, he frequently shares insightful industry advice that’s tailored to their individual needs and life-stages, which can dramatically improve their overall oral health.

While many people may not consider oral health critical to senior care, Dentist Frank Roach believes it should be a fundamental component of every elderly citizens’ healthcare regimen.

“Staying on top of oral health is critical to the overall health of any person, but especially in elderly patients who don’t have the ability to fight off bacteria and infections as easily as they used to,” says Dentist Dr. Frank Roach Atlanta. “Elderly patients with poor oral health may experience malnutrition, reduced social interactions, dysphagia, or other discomforting conditions. Poor oral health can also lead to much more severe illnesses such as tooth decay, xerostomia, oral cancer, or periodontal disease.”

For these reasons––among many others––is why Dentist Frank Roach believes all senior citizens should keep positive oral health in their focus. Regular checkups with dental professionals such as Dr. Roach can help them catch early warning signs and avoid unnecessary discomfort.

Many people don’t make the connection between good oral health and overall health, but Dentist Frank Roach urges his patient to understand how it can be a strong preventative measure. Warding off infection and degradation in the mouth, senior citizens can ultimately safeguard against other dental and non-dental medical issues that would pose a serious threat later in life.

Poor nutrition is extremely dangerous for any individual, but especially for geriatric patients. Survival is dependent on the proper nutrition every human body needs. Some researchers have drawn a connection between ill-fitting dentures, tooth loss, and tooth decay to poor nutrition as these elements affect chewing and the taste of food, among other factors.

Dentist Frank Roach stresses the fact that tooth loss is a lot more than an esthetic factor alone, and can cause issues with jaw dimensions and nutrition. It can result in discomfort both directly in the mouth and through headaches and other pains.

“There are even studies suggesting a connection between tooth loss and neurodegenerative disorders, such as Alzheimer’s disease,” says Dr. Frank Roach Dentist Atlanta. “Regardless of how poor oral health affects individuals, it’s clear there’s a strong interaction between oral health and critical health concerns in senior patients.”

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