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  • Creative Environments of Arizona Discusses Tips for Improving Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Creative Environments of Arizona Discusses Tips for Improving Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Creative Environments of Arizona Discusses Tips for Improving Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Whether you’re getting ready to sell your home this year or simply doing spring cleanup, sprucing up your home’s curb appeal is always a good idea. Your home’s first impression is what it’s judged by, says Dan Waters, CEO, of Creative Environments in Phoenix, AZ., so make sure it looks its best. Here, Dan gives his best tips for increasing your home’s curb appeal.

Spring is an idea time to take a good look at your home’s exterior, begins Dan Waters of Creative Environments. It’s a time for new beginnings, and the mild weather seems to draw more people outside. But no matter what time of year it is, there are always things to do to help increase your home’s value. Creative Environments can help with the landscape and design, he says, but the little details are important too.

I always tell people to start with the house itself, says Dan Waters of Creative Environments. You’ll want to ensure there are no problems with the structure such as missing siding or shingles that need replacing, he explains. A good power washing of the driveway and home exterior is usually needed to get the winter dust and grime off, especially if you need to touch up any exterior painting, he adds. Front doors are the first thing somebody sees when they are coming to visit, he says, so a fresh coat of paint can really make a difference. For a fresh look, consider one of the trending bright colors, he adds, for a more modern approach.

It’s also a good time to tackle any windows inside and out that might need cleaning and paint any trim if needed, he says. Also, inspect any outside accessories you have, like lighting or hardscape features, and clean them or replace if needed. 

From there, look at the landscaping and see if it still looks fresh enough, he says. There may be weeds that need pulled, branches that need trimming, and flower beds that need new mulch or stones. Creative Environments can help with you with artificial turf installation if you need some greenery around your home. 

If you’re considering selling your home in the near future, you’ll want to look at it from an outsider’s perspective, Dan says. Having drought-resistant plants will help save your new buyer tons of watering time each year. I also recommend looking at the windows, Dan says. Consider what your curtains look like from the exterior and see if there’s any need for an upgrade. You might want to look at getting new blinds or shades to help keep the interior cooler in the summer, he adds. 

If you want to take it a step further, Dan says, talk to our people at Creative Environments about an upgrade in your landscape design, adding a pool or a walkway, or even a patio. Having a pool or hot tub professionally installed from Creative Environments not only improve your home’s resale value, but they also provide joy and beauty. We have specialists in all areas of landscape design, he says, and can help customize an awesome exterior living space for you and your family.

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