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Bruce Shibuya Speaks About the Use of Robotics in the OR

Bruce Shibuya Speaks About the Use of Robotics in the OR

How Robotics is Becoming a Commonplace in Operating Rooms Around the Globe | Bruce Shibuya

Surgery has always been about precision. Some surgeons have developed a reputation within their field for the amount of precision that they have been able to bring to the operating room. As Bruce Shibuya points out, there are a number of recalls that occur every year because robotics are being implemented without sufficient testing.

As the previous Chief Operating Officer at Qanergy, Bruce Shibuya has spent a significant amount of time examining quality and reliability. He looks at designs to ensure they are effective before being mass-produced.

Although robots are being used in the operating room in order to reduce the margin of error, this is not always what happens. Malpractice suits are filed every year because of something that went wrong. If a doctor is not sufficiently trained, it can lead to an inability to properly control the robotic system. Further, if a robotic system is not properly maintained, it can become a liability in the operating room.

Bruce Shibuya maintains a Bachelor of Science in Technical Engineering. He has always been passionate about robotics and how they can be used to push technology forward. Bruce Shibuya has been heavily involved in predictive analytics as well as how to use robotics and technology to improve quality.

Bruce Shibuya has made a career out of quality engineering and reliability. His aim is to ensure that there are quality teams in place over the initial launch of any major system. He has been a part of such teams for Lexus, Toyota, and other automotive designs and hopes that there are counterparts doing the same for many of the medical components being launched.

Bruce Shibuya’s Career

Throughout his career, Bruce Shibuya has worked with technological partners, including Microsoft, to push the boundaries of innovation. He has proven that predictive analytics and robotics have a place in medicine. As he speaks openly about quality control, he has proven that any design team needs to have a successful quality engineer in place to ensure that a launch doesn’t encounter problems. While he loves seeing how predictive analytics is being used in more industries, he questions whether the medical field is pushing technology too far, too fast.

Throughout Shibuya’s career, he continues to test the boundaries that are set. Bruce Shibuya explores the ways to help the medical field to ensure that surgeons have tapped into the latest technological tools. His articles and his various tech presentations show the importance of quality and reliability within manufacturing, regardless of whether it involves robots being used in the operating room or it is predictive analytics used in cars.

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