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Bruce K. Shibuya Explains the Importance of Quality Assurance

Bruce K. Shibuya Explains the Importance of Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance is Critical to Both Companies and Clients, Bruce K. Shibuya Discusses

Companies spend a lot of money on quality assurance every year. However, not all companies do – and it can have a negative impact on their operations. Bruce K. Shibuya, the Chief Operating Officer at Quanergy, has dedicated a significant amount of his career to quality assurance.

Bruce K. Shibuya explains that it’s important to invest in quality assurance. This can be done in a number of ways. The investment should be in software, operational controls, and more. The goal should be to ensure that everything leaving the warehouse is of the highest possible quality.

Quality assurance is worth the investment as it protects the reputation of a company. Without quality assurance, clients can end up receiving a product that is problematic. It could break or cause damage. Poor quality products can lead to injuries and even lawsuits, as Bruce K. Shibuya has seen over his career.

One of the things that Bruce K. Shibuya suggests all businesses do is to focus on being competitive within the marketplace. The way to achieve that is by producing high-quality products and having the reputation to back it up. As Bruce Shibuya explains, it establishes a high level of trust. Clients or consumers begin to trust the brand because the quality is there.

Without quality assurance in place, customer service begins to get backed up. People call up to complain about the product. It results in more calls and emails dealing with the complaints. Further, it can lead to revenue problems as companies will have no choice but to make refunds.

When there are too many returns due to poor quality, it leads to a company having to go back to the drawing board. Products have to be pulled from the shelves. All that was already produced has to be tested or discarded. Bruce K. Shibuya explains that it can be expensive to send a product back through research and development. Instead, he recommends that there is a higher level of quality assurance, to begin with.

Quality assurance can end up producing more positive and fewer negative issues for the company. When there are multiple departments involved, as Bruce K. Shibuya recommends, it can also lead to more ideas. Department heads can identify their rationale for making one decision over another. It can ensure that all things have been considered before a product moves into full production.

Every company should have a sense of pride for what they produce. Bruce Shibuya has been involved in the Toyota production system for years and believes that it’s critical to achieve world-class yield. All business owners should develop a sense of pride. When quality assurance is prioritized, it protects profits, establishes trust with clients and customers, and ensures that companies maintain a competitive edge within the marketplace. Further, as Bruce K. Shibuya explains, with the latest tech, there’s always room for improvement.

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