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Bawo Daibo: Bernese Mountain Dogs Make Great Covid-19 Relief Pets

Bawo Daibo: Bernese Mountain Dogs Make Great Covid-19 Relief Pets

Bawo Daibo is a well-respected doctor who blends cross-cultural sensitivity into his treatments and who is an advocate for the Bernese Mountain Dog. This unique breed has provided Bawo Daibo much relief during the coronavirus pandemic, and he suggests buying one for people who need a companion during these trying times.

The Personality of the Bernese Mountain Dog

Anyone who checks out the Instagram account of Bawo Daibo is going to see a large number of pictures dedicated to his Bernese Mountain Dog. These pictures showcase a dog that is easy going, friendly, and playful. Bawo Daibo states that his dogs brought him great joy and were an extended source of companionship before the Covid-19 pandemic spread and forced him to stay home.

However, he has noticed that patients and friends who interact with his dog achieve a similar level of relaxation and joy. As a result, Bawo Daibo has been suggesting buying these dogs and giving them a loving home. Too often, people buy dogs and give up on them because they don’t want to take the time to take care of them, he states.

This type of behavior is criminal, according to Bawo Daibo. And it does this breed a great disservice, particularly since they can be so beneficial for stress and anxiety. He believes that those with anxiety related to Covid-19 will experience the same kind of benefits that he has received by playing and interacting with his Bernese Mountain Dog.

Bawo Daibo Provides Care Tips

Those interested in a Bernese Mountain Dog need to consider a few essential tips, according to Bawo Daibo. First of all, he states that these dogs are naturally friendly in most cases and enjoy interacting with many people. As a result, they should be a good fit for most homes, but those with male dogs may want to get a female Bernese Mountain Dog. Sometimes, males of this breed can be aggressive towards other males.

Exercise is also critical, Bawo Daibo says, as the Bernese Mountain Dog has a lot of energy and loves to express it in many ways. Daily walks are a necessity, so make sure to put on a mask when taking out this pup. A muzzle is also a good step because, while this breed is usually quite friendly with most people and breeds, it may be wise to prevent even the possibility of a biting risk.

And those raising a Bernese Mountain dog must be patient when training, Bawo Daibo states. Though they are quite intelligent and take to training reasonably well, they can be slow to learn due to stubbornness. Bawo Daibo suggests a gentle and kind hand, as this breed does not respond well to anger. Stroking their head and speaking in a calm voice should help out a lot with this breed, he states.

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