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Attorney Kelly Hyman Discusses the Coronavirus Pandemic

Attorney Kelly Hyman Discusses the Coronavirus Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has been destructive, both economically and medically. Kelly Hyman shares her thoughts on it and aspects that have come up around it.

Coronavirus has been a difficult challenge for a lot of people. With the risk of a spread that has proven to be rather high as well as the need for people to stay at home and not work, people are feeling stir crazy over being stuck at home. Not only that but worse, a lot of people are struggling financially due to the lack of work and a lack of financial support from the government. Kelly Hyman, a democratic strategist, shares her thoughts on the pandemic.

Kelly Hyman Shares Her Thoughts on the Coronavirus Pandemic

Kelly Hyman has spoken on the Coronavirus pandemic, also known as COVID-19, on various networks and shows, including NewsMaxTV and Good Day DC. She has also appeared on various other shows, including the Ingraham Angle, Fox and Friends First, and America this week with Eric Bolling to talk about other issues, considering herself passionate about social causes and national issues. coronavirus included. Kelly Hyman has been referred to as a “modern-day Erin Brokovich,” thanks to her compassion for those less fortunate.

Specifically, Kelly Hyman has been discussing the concern of people who intentionally spread the coronavirus, specifically in relation to a memo from the Department of Justice that qualified the willful spreading of the virus to another person meeting the statutory definition of bioterrorism. Kelly Hyman noted that people were understandable in their concern that someone may intentionally infect them, and that there should be some kind of penalty and dissuasion for such an act. However, she lamented that proving someone intentionally tried to infect another may be difficult.

Kelly Hyman also gave her thoughts on the stay at home orders that a number of state governors have issued. There has been concern that such orders are unconstitutional, which Kelly Hyman noted that such orders are important, but there have to be limits; for instance, a person who needs to go see a doctor should not be limited in doing so, for obvious reasons. She urged people to exercise common sense regardless; not only to stay safe themselves but to help keep others safe as well. Ultimately, she notes that it is going to come down to a court decision, if any is to come, on the constitutionality, though she believes that the common good may result in the stay at home orders being upheld.

If you want to hear more from Kelly Hyman about the coronavirus pandemic or any other news, you can follow her on Twitter and other social media websites. You can also watch her television appearances on NewsMaxTV and Good Day DC here and here.

About Attorney Kelly Hyman

Attorney Kelly Hyman is a member of the Florida Bar, Colorado Bar, the Washington D.C. Bar, the New York Bar, as well as the American Association for Justice and the former President of the Federal Bar, Palm Beach Chapter, Kelly Hyman is a Democrat political and legal analyst. Attorney Kelly Hyman has appeared on numerous TV and radio shows. These include Law & Crime, Fox News, The Ingraham Angle, and Fox and Friends First. She has also appeared on the Ethan Bearman show, “Issues and Ideas” with Chris DeBellow, “The Whistleblower” with Mychal Wilson, and the “Jiggy Jaguar” radio show. Her book, “Top 10 Reasons to Dump Trump in 2020” was released late last year.

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