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Motor Vehicle Assurance reveals importance of buying a warranty

Motor Vehicle Assurance reveals the importance of buying a warranty  


Vehicle experts from New Jersey-based company Motor Vehicle Assurance outline the importance of buying a warranty following a recent eye-opening vehicle repair cost study from AAA.

A leading vehicle maintenance service protection provider, Motor Vehicle Assurance proudly supplies its policyholders with a safeguard against unexpected repair costs. As a recent American Automobile Association study stated that average repair bills are higher than ever with expenses expected to skyrocket in the coming years, Motor Vehicle Assurance offers an expert look at the rising importance of buying a vehicle warranty for your car or truck.

According to a recent study undertaken by the American Automobile Association,  or AAA, the average repair bill for a vehicle in the U.S. is currently between $500 and $600. On top of this, one in three motorists are said to routinely find themselves unable to pay for necessary repairs without incurring debt in the process.

“It’s important to remember, too, that this is the cost of just a single repair,” points out a Motor Vehicle Assurance representative, speaking from the company’s headquarters in Toms River, New Jersey. “If you’re hit with three or four repairs in any given 12-month period, you could, on average, be as much as $2,400 out of pocket,” they add.

With automotive technology constantly evolving, and even the most popular car and truck brands now employing increasingly high-tech innovations in vehicles across their ranges, repair costs are expected to increase exponentially in the coming years, according to the American Automobile Association. In fact, repair expenses are forecast to skyrocket as the new vehicles’ warranty and free maintenance periods start to come to an end. “Thankfully, at Motor Vehicle Assurance, we ensure that customers’ repair costs are covered free of stress and financial burden,” says a Motor Vehicle Assurance representative.

Even today, while the American Automobile Association puts the average repair bill at $500-$600, the organization’s breakdown of real-life, individual repair costs demonstrates how this number can easily double. While an alternator replacement is suggested to cost around $500 by the nonprofit national member association, a new timing belt for many models can cost up to $900, based on its latest average repair bill study.

It’s with this in mind that Motor Vehicle Assurance is stressing the importance of buying a comprehensive vehicle warranty. With protection when it matters, Motor Vehicle Assurance customers are able to stay protected for under $2 per day, according to the Toms River, New Jersey-based vehicle maintenance service protection provider.

Protection coverage plans from Motor Vehicle Assurance include Motor Vehicle Assurance Plus, Horizon, and Advantage. The Motor Vehicle Assurance Plus package is specifically designed to keep high mileage vehicles on the road for longer, while Advantage provides comprehensive coverage and protection on any vehicle’s most vital components.


Horizon from Motor Vehicle Assurance, meanwhile, is comparable to the vehicle owners’ manufacturer new car warranty packages, allowing Motor Vehicle Assurance policyholders to drive with confidence knowing that they’re covered for all manner of eventualities.

Whether Plus, Horizon, or Advantage, all Motor Vehicle Assurance contracts include 24-hour roadside assistance, towing, a lockout and fuel delivery service, and battery boost and tire assistance. Each of Motor Vehicle Assurance‘s transferable contracts also provides nationwide coverage and deductible options.

Referred to as an extended car warranty or auto warranty, Motor Vehicle Assurances protection plans or vehicle service contracts provide repair coverage for customers’ vehicles after their manufacturer vehicle warranty periods have expired. To find out more, call Motor Vehicle Assurance on 877-747-6982 or visit https://mvawarranty.com/ for further information on requesting a quote.


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