Dare to ride this nine-story tall slide created by Belgian artist in Miami?

Don’t most of us love going on swings and slides? And if we don’t have time for it, isn’t it a pleasure to see the little ones enjoying themselves as they slide down? Be it the simple slides found in children parks or the thrilling water slides in amusement parks — the rides are, more often than not, a delightful experience. But, would you dare to slide down a nine-story tall slide? Yes, an artist’s gigantic metal slide installed in the US has left people on the Internet in a frenzy.

Belgian artist Carsten Höller created a 93-foot tall double slide open spiral slide, which has been installed inside Miami’s Aventura Mall. It is the artist’s first permanent installation. The slide has two spiraling titanium steel slides — that run in clockwise and anti-clockwise directions, allowing a pair to see each other.