Bjork accuses film director of ‘sexual harassment’

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Actress and aspiring music star Sheridan Smith has been speaking about her “out of control” anxiety and depression.

The 36-year-old had to pull out of her West End show Funny Girl for several months because of stress and exhaustion.

Speaking to Culture magazine, she explained how she struggled to get any enjoyment out of her work.

“You think, ‘That’s it, this is me. I’m unlovable, I’m inauthentic,'” she says.

“You’re constantly worrying you’re not going to be as good as people think you should be.”

Sheridan releases her debut album Sheridan: The Album on 3 November.

Happy birthday to Flea!


Today is Flea from Red Hot Chilli Peppers 55th birthday.

Which gives us the perfect opportunity to recall the time when Koko the gorilla attempted to replicate his signature bass playing action.

And she wasn’t half bad. Last seen slapping the four string in an Arctic Monkeys tribute band in San Francisco.

Or maybe that was a fake tale…

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